ISTE Standards for Students: Empowered Learner

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Do you want to know what it means to be an empowered learner? Do you need to know what student need to have access to in order to become empowered learners? ISTE’s new Digital Learning Pathways, created in partnership with the Metiri Group, are designed to help busy teachers deepen learning with digital tools. In this course you will interact with research, best-practice strategies, teacher-assessments, rubrics, real-life scenarios of practice, technology integration strategies, sample lesson plans, and more.

As a result of participation teachers will know what it means to empower learners, what characteristics lead to empowered learners, and effective strategies to develop those skills in all learners through classroom practice. Users can earn a certificate of completion and a badge after completion of a knowledge assessment.

The Digital Learning Pathways are designed so that users can access the content they want, progress through content in the order they want, navigate based on interests and levels of understanding, and reflect on their own practice related to the Empowered Learner standard. All of the material is mobile ready – access everything on your tablet or phone with ease. All of the material is research-based and friendly so the materials make implementation meaningful and expedient. All of the material is vetted directly by ISTE so you can rest assured that the connect is directly related to the ISTE standards and upholds the organizations mission and values.

ISTE’s Empowered Learner Standard

This standard is central to all of the ISTE Standards for Students and serves as a foundation for all of the other 2016 standards. While a lot of educators are talking about empowering learners, not many are defining what that means or using research-based strategies to actually develop students as empowered learners. The science behind the standard, as well as rubrics for all of the criterion that create this standard are provided in easy to read, mobile friendly, and instantly usable resources. Interested, but have questions? Find out more in our FAQs.

3 reviews for ISTE Standards for Students: Empowered Learner

  1. TechTeacher24 (verified owner)

    Great course – really helps you understand all the details of the first and core ISTE standards in a friendly but research-based way.

  2. Brett Coffman (verified owner)

    Thanks for allowing reviews! I LOVED this content and can’t wait to start working on this with my students next year!

  3. Danielle Thompson (verified owner)

    Fantastic course! I loved the meaningful content and especially the classroom examples. I can’t wait to use these new strategies in my classroom this year to help empower my students! I would recommend this course to anyone!

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