About Digital Learning Pathways

Transforming teaching, learning and leading with education technology

The Digital Learning Pathways are professional development that show teachers how to amplify learning through education technology, grounded in the ISTE Student Standards. In today’s high tech world, technology offers the potential to truly transform learning, changing the way that students are taught beyond substitution of digital tools and resources for analog ones. The U.S. National Education Technology Plan declares, “Learning principles transcend specific technologies. However, when carefully designed and thoughtfully applied, technology has the potential to accelerate, amplify, and expand the impact of powerful principles of learning.”

But educational transformation cannot happen magically. Educators are often pushed to use technology with their students without the training necessary to shift learning. The Digital Learning Pathways aim to support teachers in making the crucial shift from traditional, teacher-driven education to future-focused, student-driven learning. Through research-based best practices and thoughtful application of technology tools, the Pathways showcase what digital age learning looks like. Notably, the Pathways lead with the learning, not the technology, providing pedagogical strategies for education with technology.

The ISTE Student Standards

The Pathways are grounded in the student technology standards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The 2016 ISTE Student Standards are designed to prepare students for a changeable, tech infused future, one where students are Empowered Learners, Digital Citizens, Knowledge Constructors, Innovative Designers, Computational Thinkers, Creative Communicators, and Global Collaborators. The ISTE Student Standards provide a framework for teaching and learning in the digital age.

Metiri’s Learning Revolution platform

The Pathways are backed by the Metiri Group’s dynamic, responsive Learning Revolution platform. This unique approach to professional development puts the learning in the hands of participants, empowering them to take ownership over their own professional growth. In contrast to “one-and-done” and “sit-and-get” professional development, the Learning Revolution model personalizes PD for individuals. Further, participants have access to the content for up to a year after completing the Pathway, enabling ongoing use of the resources and content as the participants take their training to the classroom.

This PD is ideal for individual teachers, technology and instructional coaches and school or district-based PLC teams. It can be purchased by individuals or large or small groups. As more Pathways are added, bundle pricing and sales will also be available.

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