Below are frequently asked questions to support the Digital Learning Pathways by ISTE and Metiri Group.


What are the Digital Learning Pathways?

Digital Learning Pathways are similar to courses, but they are developed so that users DO NOT have to (1) interact with content in the same order, (2) review all of the materials presented, and (3) review materials in the same modality as other learners. They are professional development materials that are focused on helping build a common frame for implementing and supporting the ISTE Standards, and digital age learning in general. This frame is based on research, best practice, and sustainable innovations at the classroom level.

What do I need to begin taking the courses?

Once you add the course to your cart and complete the check out process, access the My Account section to begin taking the courses. There are no other texts or materials needed. You may want a set of headphones (for audio and video elements) and a warm cup of coffee but that’s it!

How do I access my courses after I purchase?

Once your purchase is complete, access the My Account section to begin taking the courses. Click on the My Pathways icon (e.g. The Empowered Learner Pathway) to access your the materials. 

What device can I access the courses on?

The Digital Learning Pathways system is designed for mobile learning. We know educators are busy and we want to support them learning anytime, anywhere. You should be able to access the full site on any mobile smart phone or tablet that is Internet enabled. If you have any issues please let us know by sending the platform, OS, device type, and browser type to support@metiri.com.

Can I use a purchase order to buy a course?

Yes! Once we receive your purchase order you will be granted a coupon code that will provide course access.

Can I purchase a group rate?

Yes! Your group rate is determined based on the size of your order. Group rates are provided to groups with more than 10 individuals. Email us at support@metiri.com to get started on your group rate documentation and purchase.

Will I pay tax on this purchase?

No you will not pay tax. Each Digital Learning Pathways purchase provides you access to the materials for one year with a one-time payment.

Is there a discount for ISTE members?

Yes! Active, individual ISTE members get a 10% discount. Use the coupon code “istemember” and use the same email address that you used to establish your ISTE membership to obtain the discount. (Apologies, but the ISTE member discount only applies to individual purchases).

How do I take notes?

To take notes simply select the green “Take Notes” box at the bottom of any screen within the course. This will allow you to type notes while you are interacting with materials. Be sure to SAVE your notes before closing the box. Each individual note is tagged to a different title so that it will be easily accessible.

How do I access my notes?

To review, print, or download your notes, access the My Account page in the Archived Notes section at the bottom. Scroll down towards the bottom of the screen to find the notes for each course.  

How do I get a certificate AND/OR badge?

Each person who registers for a course is eligible to earn a certificate. Select the assessment for the ISTE Standard of your choice under the Assessments and Evaluation box on the main course page. This will take you directly to the multiple-choice assessment. Once that assessment is completed at 80% or higher your certificate will be automatically generated by the system, in addition any obtainable badges will be automatically generated.

Who is my certificate for?

As per our terms and conditions, user logins cannot be shared. When you register you need to add your first and last name that you will want printed on your certificate. Certificates and badges are for individuals to use as needed (for documentation of professional development, for documenting expertise, etc.).

What is the assessment like? 

The assessments are knowledge assessments and focus on knowledge (not application). While we know that application and practice are the true test, our initial badges and certificates are focused on knowledge level only. This equates to multiple choice assessments that are focused on the content of the Pathways. 

How do I access my certificate AND/OR badge?

After you have completed the assessment for the ISTE Standard of your choice under the Assessments and Evaluation box on the main course page at 80% or higher your certificate can be accessed at any time in the My Account area of the site. Simply click on the blue arrow under the course title and you will see a course progress overview, when you see the icon under the title Certificate you can click on that and access your certificate at any time. Certificates are downloaded as JPG files so they can be easily inserted into documents, websites, or uploaded into most evaluation and professional learning systems. In addition, you can scroll towards the bottom of the My Account area of the site to see what badges you have earned and what is accessible to you.