Personalized PD through dynamic course content

The Digital Learning Pathways offer a unique approach to professional development. Unlike traditional online courses, there is no set route through the learning. Rather, participants determine their own path based on preference, previous knowledge and available time. By leveraging dynamic course content ISTE and Metiri Group bring you state of the art learning experiences to support the adoption and implementation of the ISTE Student Standards.

Personalized PD through dynamic course content: What are the pathways?

Each of the Pathways within a course is constructed to uphold five standards of quality that include:

  • Self-paced and personalized—segmented content and varied modalities allow you to choose when, where and how you move through the course.
  • Research-based—all content is driven by cutting edge, learning science research.
  • Practical and helpful—the course includes lesson plans, learning scenarios, on-ramps to scaffold implementation, a PLC guide and a rubric.
  • Rigorous and challenging—the rich content pushes educators to rethink their approach to teaching and learning.
  • Ready to meet you where you are—the examples span content areas and age ranges and each 5-20 minute segment can be completed any time and from various devices.

Participants choose when to complete the final assessment and earn their certificate and badge. But don’t panic! Access to the content continues for up to a year, empowering educators as they implement the professional learning into their classrooms. The empowered learner course was released in January of 2017, with others following in summer 2017.