The Empowered Learner Pathway

Welcome to your digital learning pathway focused on the Empowered Learner. The content of the course has been developed so that you walk away knowing what it means to be an empowered learner, how to develop students to become empowered learners, and have tools and resources to advance practice in your classroom, school, or district.

Remember that you can take notes by selecting the “take notes” tab at the bottom of the page, once saved those notes are always accessible via the My Account tab by scrolling to the bottom of the My Account features.

There are six pathways in the course. These pathways include foundational knowledge, instructional strategies, digital learning strategies, rubric and reflection tools, and team resources. If you are logged in you will see the course table for easy navigation below. Return to this page to access your assessment to earn your badge and/or certificate.

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