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Communicating complex ideas clearly and effectively is a critical life skill. Students need to be able to identify their audience and understand the message that needs to be communicated. They also need to understand how to use different types of media in their communications. Finally, an Empowered Learner needs to not only know how to use tools to communicate but understand which tool is the best tool for the job. Access the full list of categories here.

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VoiceThread – VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables teachers and students to add images, […]

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Venngage – Students can create infographics to visualize and represent data through images, icons and text and customize […]

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ThingLink – Students can turn images or videos into an interactive displays by layering media on the image. […]

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Edublogs – This is a free blogging platform for schools. Blogs promote the development of communication skills and […]

tools to support digtia learning2 – This tool allows students to share their ideas and tell their stories visually by creating posters […]

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Blogger – This free blogging platform from Google allows users to share text, photos and videos. A blog […]