Pre-Assessment for Knowledge Construction

Introductory text: The ISTE Digital Learning Pathways courses have been personalized so that users can:

  • Learn when they want (materials are available 24:7)
  • Learn on the device they want (the system is fully responsive so you can access materials and the course, with the full experience, on any desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone)
  • Access materials in different modalities (various materials are available in html, PDF, and video animations)
  • Learn about different aspects of the ISTE’s Knowledge Constructor in the order that YOU choose (you can jump right into strategies, review the background research, or get into example lesson plans), the content has been designed so that you can start where you would like and you do not have to learn in any specific order

Use this assessment to get some guidance on where to start and which pathway might be most beneficial to your practice.