Approved Facilitators

ISTE and Metiri Group created the Digital Learning Pathways to further the use of research to advance the ISTE Student Standards. The content of the pathways provides the framework for understanding each standard with specific research-based elements that bring more clarity and focus to the standards. These research-based elements are defined, built-out, and supported with strategies that are appropriate for every classroom, every content, and every grade level. The Digital Learning Pathways provide rubrics for use in documenting student progress in demonstrating competence in the ISTE Student Standards, classroom examples, low tech and high tech scenarios, and group or team discussion guides.

metiri group model for professional developmentOur model for professional development uses materials like the Digital Learning Pathways as the first step in professional learning related to Empowered Learner, Knowledge Constructor, and Digital Citizen. Our model, encourages trying, practicing, dialogue, and coaching based on a shared framework and research-based understanding to anchor the work and growth of students.

The Digital Learning Pathways can be used by individual teachers, teams, schools, districts, states, etc. They provide a comprehensive knowledge and understanding around the ISTE Student Standards. The materials help in positioning educators, leaders, and other stakeholders in a practical yet research-based foundation to anchor work around Empowered Learner, Knowledge Constructor, and Digital Citizen. While the Digital Learning Pathways can be used alone with no additional work, there is always opportunity to move further into the work of implementation.

The following individuals have agreements in place to provide additional training and support to the Digital Learning Pathways. These individuals and organizations, are able to use the Digital Learning Pathways as a foundation to move from knowledge and understanding through implementation.

Approved Facilitators for the ISTE Student Standards Digital Learning Pathways